FAQ – Membership Card


What is the MFG Membership Card?
It is a membership card that allows families to receive exclusive offers/discounts at participating family-friendly businesses (e.g. restaurants, shopping, etc). New businesses are constantly adding or changing their offers.  So check our website daily to stay current with new discounts.  Show your card and receive a discount!  It’s that easy!
How does it work?
Typically, you will show your MFG Membership Card to receive the special offer unless otherwise indicated.  Most businesses will allow you to redeem the “special offer” over and over again!  How great is that?  But, be sure to check with each business to confirm their restrictions.
What businesses are participating and how do I find their “special offer”?
On the homepage, www.myfamilyguide.com, each business that is participating with a “special offer” is listed.  Click on business and locate the “special offer” tab to view their exclusive offer.

How much does a MFG Membership Card cost?

The cost is $49.  However, check our Facebook page for periodic discount codes.

How long will the MFG Membership Card be valid?
A minimum of 1 (one) year.  A limited number of cards are including additional months beyond the 1 year for FREE.  Each card will have an expiration date printed on it.
Once I order my MFG Membership Card, how long will it take for me to receive it?
You will receive your membership card by USPS postal mail in less than 7 business days.
What if I don’t want to wait for it to arrive in the mail.  Can I get it sooner?
If you prefer to pick up your membership card at our Vancouver, WA location please send us an email at support@myfamilguide.com to make arrangements.  Our membership cards are not available for download at the current time.
Will I receive any sort of coupons along with my MFG Membership Card?
No.  Printing costs are expensive for coupons.  To help keep the cost down and to pass the savings on to you, we will not provide coupons.  All “special offers” will be listed on www.myfamilyguide.com.
I want to order more than 25 MFG Membership Cards for a special event.   Who do I contact to make arrangements?
Please send us an email at support@myfamilyguide.com, or call us at 360-567-6979 to make ordering arrangements.
I own a kid-friendly business and want to offer a discount for MFG Members.  How do I get started?
We love working with business owners!  Contact us by sending an email to: support@myfamilyguide.com, or call us at 360-567-6979.
How do I order my MFG Membership Card?
Click here to be re-directed to our order page.  Our payments are processed through PayPal.