Fundraising Opportunity

my family guide membership card


If your non-profit organization is looking for a new fundraising idea, My Family Guide (MFG) has a great opportunity.  Our fundraiser provides high returns with minimal organization and a great product for your customers.  Read a little more about the opportunity below.


MFG is a geo located directory that helps families find kid-friendly businesses such as restaurants, lodging, entertainment, shopping, and services.  We are also a licensed travel agency.


The MFG Membership Card allow families to receive exclusive offers / discounts at participating kid-friendly businesses in your local area. The offers and discounts are like coupons, but the difference is that you can redeem the discounts again, and again! It is a “show and save” card.  Each business owner determines their offer/discount.  The offers may change monthly, seasonally…it is up to each business.  Plus, new businesses and discounts are being added daily!  Also, there is no coupon book to carry around.  All the offers/discounts will be posted on our website.  So, simply show your membership card and receive the discount!  To view participating businesses visit our homepage – CLICK HERE.  REMEMBER – all discounts or special offers are designed for the kids or family!


There will also be “cash back” when they book their hotel stays, car rentals, or international flights with us directly (with participating businesses).  A list of these businesses coming soon.


What is the price of the membership cards and how much does our organization get to keep?

Your non-profit organization purchases the membership cards from us for $10 each.  The selling price is $25.00.

Our non-profit does not have enough funds to purchase the membership cards up-front, can we still participate?

Yes.  We take inventory of the cards and once your fundraiser is completed, you can pay us for the amount of cards sold.

Our organization is a for-profit, can we still sell the membership cards?

Yes.  The purchase price from our company will be $35.00.  The selling price is $49.

What if we buy too many membership cards and don’t sell all of them at the end of the fundraiser, are we stuck with them?

No.  We will buy back any unused membership cards ($10 each) and reimburse your non-profit.  Time restrictions will apply.

How long are the membership cards valid?

A minimum of 1 year, possibly 13-14 months.  It will depend on the time of year of your fundraiser.

How much notice do I need to provide MFG if I want our organization to participate in the fundraiser?

As much notice as possible is greatly appreciated, but a minimum of 30 days.

How can the memberships be purchased ?

They are purchased in person and will also be available for online purchases.

So, how will members know which businesses are participating in the fundraiser? 

The participating businesses will be listed on our directory (among others) – CLICK HERE.  Members will be notified of new participating businesses via email (if provided).

What information will I need to collect from people that want to buy the membership?

Required Info: First Name, Last Name, email address and/or phone number

Optional – Mailing Address

How can we can sell the membership cards?

Open House, School Events, Send home flyers, Door to door, Your organization Facebook Page, direct email, and more!

Other Ways to Help

If you know of any kid-friendly business owners that would be interested in participating please contact me by email –, or call 360-567-6979.  The more businesses involved will only increase the value of the membership card and help the business owner with more business.