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group travel

Let us help plan your next group travel event

Group travel is a great way for families, friends and special interest groups to share lasting memories that can happen with travel.    We partner with several tour companies (domestic and international) so your group gets the best in the business when planning your special trip.  We recommend planning as far in advance as possible to secure the the dates that your group wants.

group travel

Why group travel?

Group travel is a great way to create new friendships or even re-kindle old friendships.  New travelers often feel more comfortable and safe when they are traveling in a group rather than going solo.  Group travel can also be cheaper than if you were to book the same trip by yourself.

What is considered “a group”? 

Generally, tour companies prefer to have a minimum of 15 people to be considered a group.  However, some tour companies will go down to as low as 8 but it depends on destination.

What if I can’t meet the group minimum?

If you can’t meet the group minimum we will do our best to work with the tour company to see if we can combine your group with another group so the tour can still take place.

Not sure if you can put a group together?  Start by talking with family and/or friends that have the same interests as you.  Here are a few ideas of group travel:



-travel clubs

-culinary groups

-home school groups

-photography classes

-wine & brewery tours

-history clubs

-cruise extensions

-garden clubs

-family heritage

-and so much more!!

A few things that you to keep in mind when you start planning your next group travel event;  when do you want to travel, how long do you want to travel, and budget (price per person).  This will help streamline the planning process. Now that you have the creative juices flowing; where do you want to go on your next trip?

Please email us with any questions.

Contact: Angie Surratt – Lead Group Travel Organizer,

support @ myfamilyguide dot com

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