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Vacation Ideas with Kids

vacation ideas with kids

Are you struggling to come up with some vacation ideas with kids? The school year is almost finished and it is time to start thinking about your summer plans for Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day and all other days in between.   Your plans should include getting to new places and turn off the… Read more »

The Ugly Truth About Your Vacation

Let’s play a game.  What image pops in your head, when you read, 7 Day Vacation?  If you have to close your eyes, go ahead I can wait.  Okay, you got it?  Now, I’m going to attempt to guess what you saw.  Ready? Sun Palm Trees Blue Water Beach Blue Skies Maybe a fancy drink in… Read more »

San Francisco with Kids!

  Today was our first full day in the Bay Area and it was also Easter Sunday! The Easter bunny didn’t come to the hotel room last night, however I had a feeling the bunny stopped at our house when we were gone. The kids would have to wait until we get home to find… Read more »