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Achieving new family heights! Hotel Alyeska, Girdwood, Alaska – June 2015


Are you in the beginning stages of planning a family vacation? Not sure where to go with the kids?

You are not alone!

There are many vacation planners that struggle with the idea of planning the BIG family vacation.
As a parent of 2 young children, I would spend countless hours searching the web for “family-friendly” hotels, tours, cruises, etc. So, to help other families make their travel plans a little easier, we developed My Family Guide Cruise & Travel Club.

We have started working with many travel companies that focus their leisure travel businesses on “family-friendly” travel.

Our travel club can be utilized in 2 different ways:

1. Sign-up to receive information on businesses that focus on family – friendly travel. If you like planning your own vacations,  but need some suggestions to get your trip started.  Then we have the info you need!  We will email you suggestions based on your needs in the form below.
 2. Join one of our scheduled group tours that will be visiting family-friendly destinations.  Why travel with a group, especially on a family vacation?
A.  First of all,  our itineraries will be just that. .. Family friendly!
B.  You will meet other families and create new friendships.
C. Your kids will have other play mates. However, we can’t guarantee all children will be close in age.
D. Traveling as a group usually allows for better pricing on most things such as hotels, cruises, tours, etc.
E.  Most families feel more safe and secure, especially when traveling to new destinations.
F. Last of all,  we plan the whole tour!  So, all you need to decide is which exciting new destination awaits for you and your family!!
Encourage your friends and their families to sign-up too.  Let’s get our travel on!!

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