10 family activities in SW Washington

10 Fun Family Activities for the Weekend in SW Washington

The weekend is the perfect time to escape the routine and spend quality time with your family. If you’re lucky enough to call SW Washington home, you’re in for a treat. This region offers a wide range of fun and affordable family activities that will create lasting memories.

Whether you’re into outdoor adventures, cultural experiences, or simply enjoying the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, there’s something here for everyone. Here are ten fantastic family activities to consider for your next weekend adventure in SW Washington.

What are some fun family activities in SW Washington?

1. Explore the Columbia River Gorge

Southwest Washington is blessed with stunning natural beauty, and the Columbia River Gorge is a prime example. Pack a picnic, hit the Historic Columbia River Highway, and explore the breathtaking waterfalls, hiking trails, and viewpoints. Don’t miss iconic spots like Multnomah Falls, Horsetail Falls, and Vista House. It’s an outdoor paradise perfect for family hikes and photo ops.

2. Visit the Pearson Field Education Center

If your family is interested in aviation, the Pearson Field Education Center in Vancouver is a must-visit. This interactive museum provides hands-on learning experiences about aviation history and aircraft. Kids can even sit in the cockpit of a real airplane. With affordable admission and enthusiastic staff, it’s an educational adventure that’s both fun and informative.

3. Stroll through Esther Short Park

Esther Short Park, located in downtown Vancouver, offers a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. The park features a playground, a beautiful rose garden, and plenty of open space for picnics or frisbee. Check the park’s event calendar, as it often hosts free concerts, movies, and other family-friendly activities during the summer months.

4. Go Berry Picking

During the summer months, take your family berry picking at one of the local farms. It’s not only a fun outdoor activity but also a delicious one. Depending on the season, you can pick strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, or blackberries. Many farms offer affordable rates and provide baskets for berry picking.

5. Explore Fort Vancouver National Historic Site

Step back in time and immerse your family in the rich history of Fort Vancouver. This national historic site allows you to explore a reconstructed 19th-century fur trading post. Rangers in period costume provide engaging tours and demonstrations, making history come alive for kids and adults alike. Best of all, admission is typically quite affordable.

6. Hike at Lacamas Lake Regional Park

Lacamas Lake Regional Park in Camas is a hidden gem for outdoor enthusiasts. It offers miles of hiking trails, including options suitable for all skill levels. You can enjoy scenic views of Lacamas Lake, waterfalls, and lush forests. Pack a picnic and spend the day exploring the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

7. Discover Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge

For families interested in wildlife and birdwatching, the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge is a paradise. With its diverse ecosystems, it’s home to a wide variety of birds and other animals. Explore the auto tour route, go for a hike, or participate in the Junior Refuge Ranger program, which is perfect for young nature enthusiasts.

8. Take a Trip to Mount St. Helens

Mount St. Helens, with its fascinating geology and history, is a captivating destination for families. Visit the Johnston Ridge Observatory to learn about the 1980 eruption through exhibits and films. Then, embark on a hike like the Harry’s Ridge Trail for stunning views of the volcano and surrounding landscape. It’s an educational adventure in the heart of nature.

9. Attend a Local Farmers’ Market

Southwest Washington boasts numerous farmers’ markets, which are not only a great place to shop for fresh, local produce but also a vibrant community experience. Let your kids pick out their favorite fruits or vegetables, and enjoy the live music and artisan crafts that are often part of the market scene. It’s a great way to support local growers and artisans while enjoying a family outing.

10. Have a Beach Day at Cape Disappointment

Cape Disappointment State Park, despite its name, is anything but disappointing. It’s a fantastic place for a beach day, with miles of sandy shoreline, tide pools to explore, and even the chance to spot wildlife like seals and whales. Bring a picnic, build sandcastles, and enjoy the beauty of the Pacific Ocean.


SW Washington offers a wealth of affordable family activities for those looking to make the most of their weekends. From exploring the natural wonders of the Columbia River Gorge to delving into history at Fort Vancouver, there’s something for every family to enjoy.

So, grab your hiking boots, sunscreen, and picnic basket and set out for a memorable weekend adventure in this beautiful corner of the Pacific Northwest. Your family will thank you for it!


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