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9 Best Places to Stay on the Oregon Coast with Families

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The Oregon Coast, with its rugged beauty and captivating landscapes, beckons families seeking a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure. Whether you crave the tranquility of oceanfront escapes, the charm of coastal inns, or the luxury of seaside resorts, the Oregon Coast offers a myriad of family-friendly accommodations. Join us as we embark on an exploration of the best places to stay on the Oregon Coast, ensuring your coastal retreat is nothing short of extraordinary for both adults and children alike.

Where are the best places to stay on the Oregon coast with families?

1. Cannon Beach – Haystack Rock Retreats

Family-Friendly Cottages with a View: Cannon Beach, with its iconic Haystack Rock, provides the perfect backdrop for a family getaway. Opt for accommodations that feature spacious family-friendly cottages, offering stunning views of Haystack Rock and easy access to tide pools for little explorers. Imagine waking up to the sound of crashing waves and spending your mornings discovering the fascinating marine life in the tide pools.

If you find yourself in Cannon Beach in June, be sure to attend the annual Sandcastle Competition. It is amazing what these artist can do!

haystack rock best places to stay on the oregon coast

2. Astoria – Historic Seaside Elegance

Maritime Museums and Family-Friendly Inns: Astoria’s rich maritime history comes to life in its museums, making it an ideal destination for families interested in both education and entertainment. Stay in family-friendly bed and breakfasts near Astoria’s maritime museums, where children can immerse themselves in the tales of seafaring adventures and coastal exploration.

Goonies Adventure in Astoria: Astoria, known for its maritime history, is also the filming location of the iconic movie “The Goonies.” Explore the town’s historic sites featured in the film, including the famous Flavel House and the Astoria Column. Immerse your family in the adventures of Mikey, Chunk, and the rest of the Goonies gang as you discover the film’s iconic locations in Astoria.

3. Depoe Bay – Whimsical Oceanfront Inns:

Whale-Watching Excursions and Oceanfront Delights: Known as the “Whale Watching Capital of the Oregon Coast,” Depoe Bay is a haven for families seeking close encounters with these majestic marine creatures. Choose accommodations with convenient access to whale-watching excursions, offering an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

depoe bay oregon best places to stay on the oregon coast

4. Seaside – Classic Coastal Comfort:

Promenade Adventures and Family-Friendly Hotels: One of our families favorite cities on the coast. Seaside, with its bustling promenade, is a classic coastal destination perfect for families. Choose accommodations along the promenade, where family-friendly hotels offer convenient access to an array of activities. From carousel rides and arcades to ice cream shops, the promenade provides endless entertainment for kids of all ages.

5. Newport – Harborside Havens:

Aquarium Adventures and Waterfront Hotels: Newport’s allure lies in its vibrant harbor scene and family-friendly attractions. Choose accommodations near the Oregon Coast Aquarium, ensuring a blend of marine education and fun for the entire family. Stay in waterfront hotels with convenient access to the aquarium, where your kids can marvel at the diverse marine life and even participate in interactive exhibits.

newport bay best placess to stay on the oregon coast

Bridge Walks and Sea Lion Sightings: Newport is home to the iconic Yaquina Bay Bridge, providing a scenic backdrop for family walks. Choose accommodations with views of the bridge, allowing your family to stroll along its pedestrian walkways. Witness playful sea lions frolicking in the bay, creating a memorable experience for kids fascinated by marine wildlife.

6. Yachats – Cliffside Retreats:

Exploration on the Shore and Family-Friendly Inns: Yachats, known for its dramatic coastal landscapes, offers a tranquil retreat for families seeking exploration and relaxation. Stay in cliffside retreats overlooking the Pacific, providing an ideal setting for family beachcombing and tide pool exploration. Choose accommodations with direct beach access, allowing your children to explore the shoreline and discover hidden treasures washed ashore.

7. Lincoln City – Beachside Resorts:

Kite-Flying Fun and Family-Friendly Amenities: Lincoln City’s seven miles of sandy shores make it an ideal destination for families seeking beachside adventures. Choose accommodations in beachside resorts offering family-friendly amenities, stunning ocean views, and easy access to the expansive coastline. Enjoy kite-flying fun with your children, taking advantage of Lincoln City’s reputation as the “Kite Capital of the World.”

Sandcastle Building Competitions: Lincoln City celebrates the art of sandcastle building with annual competitions. Select accommodations near the competition sites, where your family can participate in or simply enjoy the creativity on display. Engage in your own sandcastle building sessions on the beach, creating imaginative structures with your little ones.

8. Pacific City – Dune-Front Delights:

Dune Exploration: Explore the unique landscape of the Oregon Dunes with your family. Opt for accommodations that provide guided dune exploration or offer convenient access to dune buggy rentals.

Family-Friendly Brewery Tours: Pacific City is home to craft breweries that welcome families. Choose accommodations near family-friendly breweries, where parents can savor locally brewed beverages. Experience brewery tours that cater to all ages, providing insights into the craft beer scene with a family-friendly twist.

9. Gold Beach – Riverside Luxury:

Jet Boat Adventures and Riverside Retreats: Gold Beach, located along the Rogue River, is synonymous with riverside luxury and family-friendly jet boat adventures. Stay in accommodations with riverside retreats, offering panoramic views of the Rogue River and its picturesque surroundings. Engage in jet boat adventures suitable for older children, providing an adrenaline-pumping experience for the whole family.

Family-Friendly Fishing Excursions: Gold Beach is renowned for its salmon and steelhead fishing. Choose accommodations that offer family-friendly fishing excursions, allowing your children to experience the thrill of angling in one of Oregon’s renowned fishing destinations. Create memories of reeling in your catch together as a family, surrounded by the scenic beauty of the Rogue River.


As you plan your family coastal getaway, these handpicked accommodations are poised to elevate your Oregon Coast experience. With a wealth of family-friendly activities and coastal wonders awaiting, each destination promises a unique blend of comfort, charm, and adventure. Embrace the allure of the Oregon Coast, where the best places to stay become gateways to a world of coastal delights, creating memories that will last a lifetime for every member of the family. Whether you’re beachcombing in Yachats or jet boating in Gold Beach, the Oregon Coast welcomes families with open arms, inviting you to create your own story along its captivating shores.

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