Top 5 places that are better than the caribbean

Top 5 places better than the Caribbean

If you’re an avid cruiser like myself, you’ve undoubtedly been asked this question on numerous occasions, “What was your favorite cruise, ever?”  The answer to that question is easy, the one’s that weren’t in the Caribbean.

That’s right, I said it.  Sure, the water is a shimmering blue, the Rum Punch tastes like heaven in a coconut, the people there are friendly and it takes effort to find a cloud in the sky.  Sounds great doesn’t it?  Of course it does.  That’s the reason why everyone and their uncle cruises the Caribbean, and the very reason why I stay the H. E. double hockey stick, away.

According to the study done by Statistic Brain, 43% of cruisers put the Caribbean as their most “Appealing Destination.”

Caribbean 43 %
Alaska 25 %
Bahamas 25 %
Hawaii 15 %
Mediterranean / Greek Islands / Turkey 14 %
Bermuda 11 %
Europe 9 %
Panama Canal 8 %
Mexico (West Coast ) 8 %

With an average of 20,000,000 cruisers a year, approximately 8.6 million of those cruisers visit the Caribbean alone. That’s an insane amount of people who are just going to bug me, and ruin my would be relaxing vacation.

Listen, I’m not saying you shouldn’t cruise the Caribbean, I’m just sayin’ the Earth has a radius of nearly 4,000 miles, of which 71% of that space is covered in water.   Go somewhere else!!!!

Here are my top 5 cruising destinations, other than the Caribbean:

5.  The British Isles:  The northwest region of Europe is not only filled with beautiful landscapes and shores, but it’s also full of history.  From the Glendalogh Ruins in Ireland, to the Edinburgh Castle, the British Isles has everything the avid cruiser looks for.  Don’t forget to visit the original Cranky Cruiser, Nessie of Loch Ness.

4.  The Fjords of Norway:  One of the only times the Cranky Cruiser was lost for words, was when he traveled the Norwegian Fjords.  The breathtaking scenery seems to go on forever as you make your way through Geirangerfjord, Hjørundfjord and Romsdalsfjord.  Spend a day traveling through Oslo and the Norwegian countryside. You might just run into Jolly Old Saint Nick himself, or one of Cranky Cruiser’s troll cousins.

3.  Alaska:  If you are a fan of nature and picturesque scenery, Alaska should be on the top of your list.  Not only will you be amazed by the freshness of the air, but you’ll almost feel as if you’re one with nature.  Alaska can even turn this Cranky Cruiser into a granola eating, tree hugging, hippy.

2.  South America and The Straits of Magellan:   Want to be very different from other cruisers?  Take a trip to South America and sail through the Straits of Magellan.  Land in Santiago, Chile, take a ride through the stunning Andes Mountains where you’ll hop on your ship.  From there you’ll make your way down to Ushuaia, the Falkland Islands, Uruguay and Buenos Aires.  This is a long cruise and waters around the Straits can get a little bumpy, but it’s definitely worth every bit of Dramamine you might need.

1.  The Mediterranean:  There is absolutely no way I can end this list with anything else.  The Mediterranean turns this Cranky Cruiser into the Cuddly Cruiser (even if it is just temporary).  Not only is the water just as blue as the Caribbean,  I would dare to say, even more blue.  Stroll throught the Romance Capital of the world, Venice.  Or make your way to Greece to visit Corfu, Santorini, Mykonos, and Athens.  Stop in the majestic Montenegro to visit Fort Gorazda and do a little shopping and eating in downtown Zadar ,Croatia.

There, I’ve given you 5 places you can visit other than the Caribbean.  Now, Get off my Lawn!  Or should I say, “Get off my Beach!”  I’m the Cranky Cruiser, if you don’t like it, I don’t care.

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