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Everything’s Bright At Twilight Pizza

Contemplating treating the family for a dinner night out?  Bring them to Twilight Pizza Bistro.  Located on the east side of Vancouver, Twilight has much of what you’re looking for in a “family friendly” restaurant, and it’s not just the food that makes it a desirable destination.  With so many really good pizza restaurants around, what makes Twilight Pizza Bistro stand out?  It’s actually pretty simple.twilight pizza vancouver camas washington

As soon as you step foot into Twilight, you’re greeted by smiling faces.  I know that probably sounds a little “phony bologna”, but I can’t recall a single time that I’ve walked into Twilight, with or without my family, without being greeted with a smile.  I don’t know about you, but when our family goes out to dinner, nothing kills the mood faster than the dreaded “not another family exhale”.  If you’re not familiar with the “not another family” exhale, it’s when your family walks into any establishment (not necessarily a restaurant), and you’re greeted with a forced smile, followed by a melodramatic cheerless exhale, as if to say, “oh great, another family with obnoxious kids.”  Look for it the next time you’re out with the family.  All digression aside, it’s obvious that the Twilight Pizza Bistro and it’s staff genuinely appreciates your visit, and are happy you are there.

twilight pizza vancouver camas washington twilight pizza vancouver camas washington twilight pizza vancouver camas washington

When we sat down with Twilight owner, Don Mills – who also shares ownership with his wife Morgan McColum – it’s apparent that the family friendly atmosphere is no accident.  He commented how dinner time is the perfect opportunity for families to unplug from the hustle and bustle of work or school, and enjoy REAL face-time with the ones we love.  Mr. Mills also made a great point when he said, “It’s sad when you’re out to eat, and you see kids with their heads down looking at cell phones, while their parents are seated just 24 inches across from them doing the same thing.  There’s little to no communication, which makes it very sad.”

Luckily for all who visit  Twilight Pizza Bistro there is an answer to the table texting problem….Board Games!  That’s right, when you’re at Twilight Pizza Bistro, take the time to play one of the many board games they have available for your enjoyment.  Believe me,  when you’re waiting for your entrees, nothing passes the time better than a nice round of Uno or Balderdash.twilight pizza vancouver camas washington twilight pizza vancouver camas washington

Now let’s talk about the food – yeah it’s really good!  It’s not just the pizza either.  Yes, of course the pizza is fantastic, but why not try one of Twilight’s delicious sandwiches, like the Reuben, or hearty Meatball Sub?  Looking for a little seafood?  Try out the Steamed Clams followed by the Alaskan Coho Salmon.  For the kiddos, try the homemade Mac and Tillamook Cheese or Spaghetti and Marinara.  Our 4 year old says that Twilight also has “Super Awesome” Chicken Fingers, so why not give those a taste?   twilight pizza vancouver camas washington

Looking for some adult beverages while you wait?  No problem.  Twilight Pizza Bistro has a full bar available, with 10 beer taps, a marvelous wine selection, and fun specialty drinks, such as the B.O.F. (Bullet Old Fashion).  – Happy Hour available throughout the entire restaurant, from 2pm – 6pm and 9pm to close, everyday.

twilight pizza vancouver camas washington

Okay, okay, I can hear you, “What about the pizza?”  Well, Twilight Pizza Bistro is the real deal!  We’ve had just about every one on the menu and they are all delicious.  It seems like every member of our family has a personal favorite.  My parents usually order the “Mount Hood” or the “Jester”;  My wife fancy’s the “Tree Hugger”; and if  I had to choose my favorite, I’m going to suggest the “Thai A Little Tendernous.”  Peanut Sauce, Chicken, Green Onions – Soooo Goood!  Our kids are less adventurous.   They usually build their own pizza and order a small extra pepperoni.  To each their own, right?

twilight pizza vancouver camas washington

Be sure to save room for dessert.  We were lucky enough to meet Matt the in-house Pastry Chef.  He let us try three delicious homemade recipes that you can find on the menu.  My favorite was the Cinnamon Bun Cheese Cake – yeah, the name says it all!  But the Turtle Torte and Orange Creme Brulee, were also decadent.

twilight pizza vancouver camas washington twilight pizza vancouver camas washington twilight pizza vancouver camas washington

In closing, I am a big fan of Twilight Pizza Bistro.  After sitting down and talking with owner, Don Mills, I’ve become an even bigger fan.  Twilight isn’t just another pizza place, it’s part of a movement.  The, “let’s unplug and communicate while we enjoy our dinner because we’re a family”, movement.  They treat their staff like family, and in turn the staff treats their customers as family.  So take your family to Twilight Pizza Bistro and unplug, play games, and have a delicious dinner as a family.  Tell them My Family Guide sent you.

Hours of Operation:

  •                         11am – 10pm, Monday through Thursday
  •                         11am – Midnight, Friday and Saturday
  •                         11am – 9pm, Sunday

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