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If you’re a parent or grandparent, you probably understand how important it is to get food into your hungry child’s belly before the meltdowns begin.  And believe my when I tell you, that my kids can go from adorable to Hangry in a cosmic second.  So, when I’m out and about with my son and daughter, I need to know there’s a place that can satisfy my kids hunger needs, as well as satisfy my Daddy needs, i.e. an adult beverage.  Enter Grapes ‘n Growlers.  Tucked away on the east side of Vancouver, Grapes ‘n Growlers is a locally owned tap house and restaurant.  With 54 different types of beer, wine and ciders on tap, Grapes ‘n Growlers is the perfect place for both beer connoisseur’s and casual drinkers alike.  Even if the 54 taps weren’t enough, Grapes ‘n Growlers also has a great menu of appetizers and sandwiches.  From a buffalo chicken quesadilla to a Turkey, Bacon and Avocado panini, the food is just as much of a destination as the taps are.

Yum Panini Goodness

As great as the taps and food are, what really sets Grapes ‘n Growlers apart is the family friendly atmosphere.  Too often when going out to eat, whether at a big chain restaurant or a small mom and pop, families are treated different.  I know that our family has been to restaurants where we felt like more of a burden, than a customer.  At Grapes ‘n Growlers you’re treated not just as paying customers, but like next door neighbors.  Owners and business partners Ashley Cahoon and Tom Mahoney told us that the family friendly atmosphere isn’t a coincidence, it’s what they had in mind before opening the doors in February of 2015.  Besides being local business owners, Tom and Ashley are also parents and know the importance of what being a family friendly business can bring to the community.  On Tap

“We Love This Community, and The Location.”

– Ashley Cahoon  – Owner Grapes ‘n Growlers


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Kombucha Menu

If an alcoholic beverage isn’t what you’re looking for, may I suggest one of 9 flavors of Kombucha from the locally owned Brew Dr.  Your children might also enjoy Crater Lake Root Beer Floats.  If you have any peanut allergies in your family like we do, Grapes ‘n Growlers offers a delicious Sunbutter and Jelly panini which is a personal favorite of mine.

Another small feature of Grapes ‘n Growlers are the bathrooms with changing tables.  This is perfect for the Dad’s with young-lings.  I remember the frustration I’d feel when it would be just my pre-potty trained children and me at a restaurant.  One if not both kids would do their business in their diaper or pull-up, only to discover that the men’s bathroom had no changing table.   It seems like a little thing, but the little things can make the biggest impact on a  dining experience.

So, if you find yourself on the east side of Vancouver,  I highly recommend checking out Grapes ‘n Growlers.  Their address and contact information are on the links.   They’re open Mon-Thurs 11:30am to 10:00pm, Fri-Sat 11:30am to 11pm and Sunday 11:30am to 9:00pm.  Don’t be afraid to bring the family, I promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Tell them Ben from My Family Guide sent you.



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