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9 Best Places to Stay on the Oregon Coast with Families

best places to stay on the oregon coast

Subscribe to My Family Guide’s Weekly Newsletter * indicates required First Name * Email Address * View previous campaigns. The Oregon Coast, with its rugged beauty and captivating landscapes, beckons families seeking a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure. Whether you crave the tranquility of oceanfront escapes, the charm of coastal inns, or the luxury… Read more »

5 Tips to Consider Before Cruising

tips to consider before cruising

Original Post Date: May 15, 2015 Have you been thinking about cruising but not sure if you everyone will like it? I’m hoping these tips to consider before cruising will help you understand what to expect. Cruising is one of the best ways to take the family on vacation.  There is something to do for… Read more »

Best Family Resorts in Vermont for Your Perfect Getaway

best family resorts in vermont family in the snow

Vermont, with its enchanting landscapes and welcoming communities, provides the perfect backdrop for unforgettable family vacations. As you plan your next retreat, explore the best family resorts in Vermont, where comfort, adventure, and cherished memories converge in harmony. What are the best family resorts in Vermont? Let’s explore the family-friendly offerings that Vermont has in… Read more »

Carry On: 15 Items to Pack for Kids

carry on items

What items should carry on when traveling with kids? As a parent of 2 children (7 yo & 4 yo), I’m always looking for ways to improve our travel experience, especially when flying.  If you don’t come prepared on the plane, it can make for a LONG flight.  I have learned a few hard lessons… Read more »

Road Trip Tips: 8 Tips when Traveling with Kids

road trip tips

Road Trip Tips – I’m always on the hunt to make my family’s travel easier if we traveling by plane or car.  On our recent road trip of 14 days and 3,000+ miles I knew I had to be prepared.  The last thing I wanted was spending a bunch of money on items that I… Read more »

National Parks: More than the Grand Canyon

national parks passport book

Spring break and summer vacation are right around the corner. Have you started planning your vacation? Still not sure where you want to go? Here is an idea that has worked well for our family – purchase or reference Passport to Your National Parks book. What is the Passport to Your National Parks book? It… Read more »

Cruising: 10 Best Reasons

cruising 10 best reasons

[podbean type=audio-rectangle resource=”episode=3q8ea-6a5f11″ skin=1 auto=0 share=1 download=0 height=100 ] For those of us who have cruised, “why cruising?” has been a question asked to me several times by non-cruisers.  I’m going to breakdown the awesome benefits of cruising and why it should be on top of your of list of things to do on your… Read more »

Alaska – The Family Frontier

Our Family’s first time to Alaska, and it exceeded our expectations.  From the gorgeous mountain ranges and wild life, to the splendid seafood and family friendly dining.  Alaska is not just the last frontier, but a must for your family. We left our house on a Friday afternoon and arrived to Seatac Airport 2 hours… Read more »

10 Things to Know Before Visiting Alaska with Kids

alaska 10 things to know before visiting my family guide

Ah…Alaska!  What a beautiful state to visit Our family called us at the end of April and said they were planning a last minute trip to Anchorage and the Kenai Peninsula and wanted us to join them.  Um..Yeah!  Ben and I have been wanting to go to Alaska for quite some time but other destinations… Read more »

The Ugly Truth About Your Vacation

Let’s play a game.  What image pops in your head, when you read, 7 Day Vacation?  If you have to close your eyes, go ahead I can wait.  Okay, you got it?  Now, I’m going to attempt to guess what you saw.  Ready? Sun Palm Trees Blue Water Beach Blue Skies Maybe a fancy drink in… Read more »