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When the Shoe Fits at Clogs-n-More

Quality Shoes for the whole family

I have to admit, I’m not a “shoe girl”, but after today things will change.   The thought of spending over $30 on a pair of shoes frightened me…until I visited a boutique shoe store in the Hawthorne District of Portland called, “Clogs-n-More“.  They have a total of four locations in the Portland area.  Naturally, I expected clogs to be majority of their inventory but I soon corrected.  Beautiful shoes, clogs (of course), slippers, baby shoes, rain boots, tights backpacks, rain coats, umbrellas, baby leg warmers and more!  My head was spinning in pure delight!

My usual shoe shopping (and for my family too) consists of Payless, Target or Fred Meyer. However, after I visited with the General Manager, Julia from Clog-n-More, I quickly began to realize that their is a whole new world out there for quality shoes.

A few brands that they carry include Portland’s own Keen and Bogs.  Both brands have their headquarters in Portland (which I did not know).  Dansko makes up the majority of their inventory but they also carry Native based out of Southern California and several other brands for adult shoes.

As I was looking around, I couldn’t help but notice their large selection adorable and colorful baby, toddler, and kid shoes.  One of the kids brands, Plae, was very interesting.  The shoes have removable straps so your child can customize their style with the varieties of different straps.  How cool is that?   The other kid shoe brands that they carry are See Kai Run, Chooze and Bobux.  Julia explained to me that a lot of the shoes brands have their own charities that they support.  For instance, Bobux supports Autism research and also uses non-toxic products so if your baby starts sucking on their own shoe…not to worry.  Chooze, is another brand that believes in giving back.  Chooze offers financial resources to widowed mothers in Africa that want to start their own business.

So, if you are shopping for shoes for the whole family visit Clogs-n-More at either their Hawthorne or Westmoreland locations.  If you are strictly looking for a larger selection of adult shoes and products, visit their Northwest or Northeast locations.

I’ve saved the best part for last….are you ready?  Clogs-n-More is giving My Family Guide Card Members a 15% discount off their entire purchase, just by showing your card.  Who’s ready to shop?!

If you don’t have a My Family Guide Member Card, order today and start saving!




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