coronavirus 8 things to do stuck at home

8 Ways to Stay Busy at Home in Lockdown

Coronavirus got your family cooped up?

It is no doubt that the coronavirus fear is spreading throughout our communities.  So how do we make a positive spin on this unknown disease before it hits?  With a lot of public events cancelled, what is a person or family to do with all this extra time? Extroverts are going stir crazy and introverts are content.  Well, I try to find the silver lining versus the doom and gloom in things.  Here is my positive spin on the COVID-19  and hopefully you can find a few things you like and make them your own.

Spring cleaning – Since we are encouraged to trap ourselves indoors, I know my home has been neglected with deep cleaning.  This gives anyone the perfect opportunity to do that “I’ll get to it later cleaning”.  Not only will you be providing your family a healthy environment…you can also combat COVID-19.

An excuse to binge – Not eat, but watch your favorite shows. There are so many shows on Netflix and Hula that I want to watch but haven’t because of the normal day to day routines.    If my family and I need to be indoors now is the perfect time to do it!

Julia Child – Being trapped indoors means my family and I won’t be going out to dinner.  During the holidays I enjoy having the extra to cook and bake, so why not take advantage of the opportunity.  Besides, if you make too much, just freeze the extras.  At least you will have home cooked meals if you end up sick.

Plan a trip – You might be thinking…why would I be planning a trip when the world is experiencing a pandemic?  Well, flights are really, really cheap right now.  Like really cheap.  I’m not suggesting that you fly within the next month or two months.  But, what if you booked a flight that is six months from now.  You can probably still get a good deal.  Just make sure you purchase travel insurance or check the cancellation policies.  

Get reacquainted with nature – I’m sure we will all be going stir crazy staying indoors.  But, what if you took that family on a hike.  We have been advised to stay away from people and large crowds.  So why not experience the great outdoors?  Research local hiking trails or find a remote beach to visit.

Find your inner child – Growing up I use to plan board games with my friends.   Technology is great but why not dust off your game of Scrabble or work on a puzzle.  Playing card games like Rummy, Blackjack, Solitare, War or Uno are tons of fun too.

Martha Stewart – Get crafty with all the empty water bottles or toilet paper rolls that you have laying around.  Pinterest has a bunch of ideas like making bird feeders, mini planters, meditation bottles, fairy house night lights and so much more!

Book Worm – The libraries might be closed in your community but maybe re-read an old favorite or download an audio book.  Or maybe find an online book club and see what everyone is reading.  Get the family involved by everyone reading the same book.  It’s a great way to strike up conversations and engage with your tween or teen.

What ways are you and your family staying busy during the coronavirus lockdown? Share your ideas in the comments below.


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